Where to Buy Xango Juice in South Africa?

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Where Can I Buy Xango Juice From In South Africa?

Yes I am looking To Buy Xango Juice or Mangosteen Juice in South Africa – Purchasing Explained.Where Can I Buy Xango Juice In South Africa

You have two options. You can either buy directly from this website by clicking on this link and placing your order right now which is the easiest option which most people are doing anyway’s.

Yes I want to place my order right now!

The second choice register here and become a member of ZIJA and you will be able to purchase Xango Mangosteen Juice directly from the Company.

Become a Zija Independent Distributor

Your product will be delivered to your residential address anywhere in South Africa no matter where, as well as over 54 other countries globally. With delivery prices varying depending on your country of origin. Registering is simple!

Do the following steps

1) Right click on this link to open  in a New Tab Register here and become a member of ZIJA

2) Click on Join

3) Click on Join as a Distributor or Customer

4) Click Choose Products

5) Click on Xango to the left.

6) Scroll down click on Add to Cart once you find 1 Case Xango Juice.

7) Click on Continue.

8) On the next page scroll right down and click on  No, Thanks. I just want to become a Wholesale Member.

9) Click on the Green Button Proceed to Step 3 on the right

10) On the next page you can either place a recurring Zija Rewards Purchase if you want to continue placing order and remain an active member. Please note that a non-active member cannot earn any commissions as they do not have a personal order in the current month,if you are okay with that then you can just scroll right down and click on  No Zija Rewards Purchase (Recurring Order) at this time. 

11) Click on the Green Button Proceed to Step 4 on the right

12) Fill in all your details and click on Proceed to Checkout

13) On the next page click on the 2 tick boxes to accept the Terms And Conditions

14) for payment method you have the following 2 options

1) Credit Card or

2) Ewallet

If you are choosing Ewallet then you have to make payment to

Bank Name: Standard Bank
Account Number: 37-063-258-3

Please make sure you use your MembershipID as the reference which will arrive in your email as well as appear next to your username on the following page after you click on submit

15) Click on Submit Payment Information

You can submit a clear copy of the payment receipt including all details to africa@zijacorp.com

Any further communication will need to be done via this email address  africa@zijacorp.com

Please do not forget to use ZIJACORP not ZIJA. Also its a .com

Once you have become a member :  Register here and become a member of ZIJA

You can sign into the ZIJA backoffice at https://shield.zijasecure.com/login.html

That’s it,it’s as simple as that.

After you have joined the following delivery process takes place.
Day 1. An order is received in ZIJA USA
Day 2. Your country receives a request to process the order. If the order is processed in the morning then dispatch to a courier occurs the same day.If the order is received in the afternoon then dispatch to the couriers takes place the next day.Therefore turn around time is 2 to 5 days.

As a member of ZIJA/XANGO, unless you are planning to create your own business empire from our product or to receive your monthly order for free, you do not have to sell or distribute Xango Mangosteen juice yourself.We always tell our customers there is only one thing better that Xango Juice and that is a free Xango Juice. So how do you get your Xango juice for free. Well all you need is 7 other people that you can find that are willing to become customers and purchase their Xango Juice monthly and you will get yours for free.

As a member of ZIJA, you can be assured that you will be buying your Xango juice at the very best price that every members pay for and that is at a wholesale price and that you will receive your product at your convenience.
That’s it, now you know where to buy Xango juice in South Africa?



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